How-to: Create a zip file on iOS using Swift without 3rd party dependencies

2021-02-25 in , , ,

Getting the files your app stores on the device back out so you can look at them for debugging or similar is not as easy as it could be. There’s a number of filebrowser libraries out there, but it’s a bit overkill or occasional use and probrably not something you want to ship with your app either. Here’s how to create a zip file from any directory and move it off the device using the share sheet (UIActivityViewController).

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Reference: Obscure UserDefaults That Affect AppKit Behavior

2020-10-16 in , ,

Setting these UserDefaults in your app’s domain will change AppKit behavior at runtime.

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How-to: Disable automatically organizing files on disk after move in Xcode project

2020-09-28 in , ,

Starting with Xcode 9 or so, Xcode by default keeps the on-disk layout of a project in sync with what you see in the Project Navigator. So when you move a file from one group to another, it will be moved between the respective folders on disk as well.

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