Reference: Obscure UserDefaults That Affect AppKit Behavior

2020-10-16 in , ,

Setting these UserDefaults in your app’s domain will change AppKit behavior at runtime.

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How-to: Disable automatically organizing files on disk after move in Xcode project

2020-09-28 in , ,

Starting with Xcode 9 or so, Xcode by default keeps the on-disk layout of a project in sync with what you see in the Project Navigator. So when you move a file from one group to another, it will be moved between the respective folders on disk as well.

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How-to: Reset Privacy Permissions in macOS

2020-03-03 in

If you’re having issues with the privacy permissions system in macOS Catalina or newer versions, such as being unable to change the settings, there are several steps you can take to remedy the situation. These settings are currently stored in a SQLite database located at /Library/Application Support/

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