How-to: Creating Custom Smart Banners for iOS Apps Using Universal Links

2018-03-11 in

A client recently asked me to help them implement a custom smart banner solution, inspired by what some other major companies in their industry were doing. I’m going to cover some of the related techniques and features first, before going over the implementation. If you’d like to jump directly to the step-by-step, click here.

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iOS App Distribution Methods Explained

2018-02-22 in

Apple is very particular about how 3rd party software gets on their devices. Basically, the more users you want to distribute the app to, the more hoops you have to jump through. It breaks down like this:

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How-to: Silence individual warnings for select cocoapods

2018-01-18 in

As usual, Xcode 9 introduced new default warnings and tightened existing ones. Some of these changes don’t seem to get applied to existing projects during the upgrade check. For better or worse though, running pod install or pod update has the effect of setting warnings for all pods like it’s a new project. This led to me seeing a lot of warnings in the form of 'RandomCocoaTouchAPI' is only available on iOS 10.0 or newer in certain pods. The build setting responsible is CLANG_WARN_UNGUARDED_AVAILABILITY = YES_AGGRESSIVE.

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