JSON validation bug in MariaDB 10.4.8 when Unicode escaping is used

2020-01-21 in

It finally happened to me. A user entered an emoji into an input field, and a production system broke.

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Swift Error Catch Syntax

2019-10-05 in

Below is some example code that covers common patterns for catching specific types of errors. This code is valid for Swift 5.1. I figure this might be useful for some folks since the official documentation doesn’t provide examples for all of these, and few tutorials cover it completely.

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Guide: UIApplicationDelegate method invocation order (iOS 12)

2019-03-14 in

This post serves as a guide for the order in which application delegate methods are invoked in response to certain actions on iOS. This information is current only for iOS 12.1 unless indicated otherwise.

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My name is Robin Kunde. I am a software engineering consultant currently specializing in iOS mobile development and the Swift compiler. I have worked on large e-commerce projects and mobile apps for major retailers in the past.

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