How-to: Create compile time reminders in Xcode

2021-09-14 in , , ,

Workarounds are a fact of life for programmers. You rarely have the ability to fix all the buggy code you have to work with, and even if you do, it might not be worth the time and effort to find and validate a proper fix. But while a workaround allows you to move forward quickly, it also creates a maintenance burden. Creative solutions like this are usually more fragile and will need to be revisited occasionally. Here are a few ways you can use the compiler to help remind you.

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How-to: Create a zip file on iOS using Swift without 3rd party dependencies

2021-02-25 in , , ,

Getting the files your app stores on the device back out so you can look at them for debugging or similar is not as easy as it could be. There’s a number of filebrowser libraries out there, but it’s a bit overkill or occasional use and probrably not something you want to ship with your app either. Here’s how to create a zip file from any directory and move it off the device using the share sheet (UIActivityViewController).

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Reference: Obscure UserDefaults That Affect AppKit Behavior

2020-10-16 in , ,

Setting these UserDefaults in your app’s domain will change AppKit behavior at runtime.

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