WWDC 2018 followup

2018-07-05 in ,

I was able to attend WWDC this year and had a chance to talk to Apple engineers about a few issues I’ve been dealing with.

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How-to: Decreasing iOS App size by moving from dynamic frameworks to static libraries with Cocoapods

2018-06-06 in

With the release of Cocoapods 1.5, you can now compile all your pods as static libraries, even if some or all of them use Swift. This means that instead of building them as dynamic frameworks which are loaded when your app launches, the code is combined with your app binary at compile time. This can improve app launch times and the download size of your app if you depend on a lot of pods.

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How-to: Creating Custom Smart Banners for iOS Apps Using Universal Links

2018-03-11 in

A client recently asked me to help them implement a custom smart banner solution, inspired by what some other major companies in their industry were doing. I’m going to cover some of the related techniques and features first, before going over the implementation. If you’d like to jump directly to the step-by-step, click here.

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About me

My name is Robin Kunde. I am a software engineering consultant currently specializing in iOS mobile development and the Swift compiler. I have worked on large e-commerce projects and mobile apps for major retailers in the past.

Twitter: @robinkunde

Github: robinkunde